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500 — может означать: 500 — натуральное число между 499 и 501. 500 год — невисокосный год григорианского календаря. 500 год до н. э. 500-е годы до н. э. В астрономии. NGC 500 — галактика в созвездии Рыбы. В кино и театре.

500 may refer to: 500 (number). 500 BC. AD 500. 500 Boylston Street of Boston. 500 Brickell in Miami. 500 Capitol Mall in Sacramento. 500 Fifth Avenue. 500 Renaissance Center, one of seven buildings in the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. 500 kroner note, a 1972 Danish banknote.

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500 may refer to: 500 (number) 500 BC AD 500 500 Boylston Street of Boston 500 Brickell in Miami 500 Capitol Mall in Sacramento 500 Fifth Avenue 500 RenaissanceThere are many $500 banknotes, bills or coins, including: Nicaraguan five hundred-cordoba note One of the withdrawn Canadian banknotes One of the withdrawnThe Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks 500 of the largest United States corporations by total revenueThe S&P 500 stock market index, maintained by S&P Dow Jones Indices, comprises 505 common stocks issued by 500 large-cap companies and traded on AmericanThe S&P 500, or simply the S&P, is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United"The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" was the cover story of a special issue of Rolling Stone, issue number 963, published in December 2004, a year afterIn top-level football, 29 players have scored 500 or more goals over the course of their career, according (in most cases) to research by the Rec.SportMossberg 500 is a series of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeatersThe Fiat 500 (Italian: Cinquecento, pronounced [ˌtʃiŋkweˈtʃɛnto]) is a rear-engined, four-seat, small city car that was manufactured and marketed by Fiat"500 Miles" (also known as "500 Miles Away from Home" or "Railroaders' Lament") is a song made popular in the United States and Europe during the 1960sThe Daytona 500 is a 500-mile-long (805 km) NASCAR Cup Series motor race held annually at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. ItThe Indianapolis 500, also formally known as the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, or simply the Indy 500, is an annual automobile race held at IndianapolisThe S-500 Prometey (Russian: C-500 Прометей, lit. 'Prometheus'), also known as 55R6M "Triumfator-M", is a Russian surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic500 Days Program (Russian: программа "500 дней") was an ambitious program to overcome the economic crisis in the Soviet Union by means of a transitionThe TOP500 project ranks and details the 500 most powerful non-distributed computer systems in the world. The project was started in 1993 and publishesThe .500 S&W Magnum (12.7×41mmSR) is a fifty-caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge developed by Cor-Bon in partnership with the Smith & Wesson "X-Gun"500 Days of Summer (stylized as (500) Days of Summer) is a 2009 American romantic comedy-drama film by first-time director Marc Webb from a screenplay"The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" is a recurring music ranking of the finest albums in history as compiled by the American magazine Rolling StoneGalaxie 500 was an American alternative rock band that formed in 1987 and split up in 1991 after releasing three albums. Guitarist Dean Wareham, drummerchanges in the S&P 500 from 1923. Compare to the list of largest daily changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. While the S&P 500 was first introducedThe Fortune Global 500, also known as Global 500, is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue. The list is compiledThe Season Finale 500 is a NASCAR Cup Series stock car race held at Phoenix Raceway in Avondale, Arizona. It is one of five NASCAR races run with a length500 rum, also called pinochle rummy, Michigan rummy, Persian rummy, rummy 500 or 500 rummy, is a popular variant of rummy. The game of canasta and severalThe Fiat 500 is a two-door, four-passenger, transverse front-engine, front-wheel-drive A-segment city car manufactured and marketed by the Fiat subdivisionin-service: 13,500 kg (29,762 lb) Max takeoff weight: 23,000 kg (50,706 lb) Fuel capacity: 5,000 kg (11,000 lb) Max payload: 7,500 kg (16,500 lb) Powerplant:the demonetisation of all ₹500 and ₹1,000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series. It also announced the issuance of new ₹500 and ₹2,000 banknotes in exchangeThe 500 Most Influential Muslims (also known as The Muslim 500) is an annual publication first published in 2009, which ranks the most influential MuslimsNIFTY 500 is India’s first broad-based stock market index of the Indian stock market. The NIFTY 500 index represents about 96% of total market capitalization500 or five hundred, also called bid Euchre (but not to be confused with another game of the same name) is a trick-taking game that is an extension ofThe Xfinity 500 is a NASCAR Cup Series stock car race held at Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia, the other one being the Blue-Emu Maximum PainThe Eclipse 500 is a marketing name for the Eclipse Aerospace EA500, a small six-seat American business jet aircraft originally manufactured by EclipseThe RABDe 500 (often nicknamed ICN for Intercity-Neigezug, German for Intercity Tilting Train), is a Swiss high speed passenger train which was introducedThe FAB-500 is a Russian Air Force low-drag, general purpose, air-dropped bomb with a 500-kilogram high-explosive warhead. The first models of the bombA500 may refer to: A500 road, England A500 steel, an ASTM International grade steel for structural steel applications Adam A500, a utility aircraft AmigaThe Forbes 500 was an annual listing of the top 500 American companies produced by Forbes magazine. The list was calculated by combining five factors:The Embraer Legacy 450/500 (EMB-545/EMB-550) are Brazilian mid-size business jets launched by Embraer in April 2008, the first of their size with a flat-floorModel 500 may refer to: A pseudonym used by techno music producer Juan Atkins Pro-FX Model 500, a music related multi-effects system manufactured by SequentialX.500 is a series of computer networking standards covering electronic directory services. The X.500 series was developed by the Telecommunication StandardizationModel 500 is a five-shot, double/single action large-caliber revolver produced by Smith & Wesson, firing the .500 S&W Magnum cartridge. The Model 500 wasThe .500 Jeffery is a big-game rifle cartridge that first appeared around 1920, and was originally introduced by the August Schuler Company, a GermanThe Amiga 500, also known as the A500, is the first low-end Commodore Amiga 16/32-bit multimedia home/personal computer. It was announced at the winterThe .500 Linebaugh is a .50 caliber handgun cartridge designed for use in revolvers. It is considered one of the most powerful handgun cartridges designedYear 500 (D) was a leap year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. At the time, it was known as the YearE500 can refer to: E number 500, a food additive Olympus E-500, a digital SLR camera Eclipse 500, a business jet aeroplane PowerPC e500, a microprocessorPlus500 is a British international financial firm providing online trading services in contracts for difference (CFDs), across more than 2,000 securitiesThe PGM 500 and PGM 2000 are guided bombs developed by Alenia Marconi Systems and now marketed by MBDA. The PGM 500 carries a 500 lb (227 kg) warheadThe year 500 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. In the Roman Empire it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Camerinus and Longus (orThe five hundred euro note (€500) is the highest-value euro banknote and was produced between the introduction of the euro (in its cash form) in 2002Ultimate 500 is a 5-shot single-action revolver chambered for the .500 S&W cartridge, manufactured by Gary Reeder Custom Guns. The revolver has an 8.5-inchDividend Aristocrats are S&P 500 index constituents that have increased the dividend paid for 25 consecutive years or more. The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrat index

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